Display information contained in the “abst” log file.  Useful in debugging IQC Toolbox scripts, and visualizing IQC Toolbox functioning.




This program “visualizes” the contents of the field “log” of the global variable ABST. The field ABST.log is used by IQCToolbox to keep track of all operations performed on “abst” data since the last run of an initialization program.  Function abst disp displays number of any operation which results in an “abst” data, type (interior class) of the result, its vertical and horizontal size, type of operation, type of input data for conversions and definitions, and numbers of arguments in the log file.



>> abst_init_iqc

>> f=signal(5);

>> x=symmetric;

>> q=f'*tf(1,[1 1])*x*f;

>> abst_disp

to the MATLAB prompt produces the output

Here the first items 1 correspond to some default constants introduced by the initialization program. Lines 2 and 3 correspond to the definitions of f and x respectively. The last five lines show the order of operations caused by the line

q=f’*tf(1,[1 1])*x*f;

First, signal f is being transposed (line 4). The first argument points out to the log file entry of the argument of conjugation.  Second, the transfer function is converted to the “abst” data type (line 5).  The comment shows the type of data from which the conversion was made.  The first argument points out to the cell in the field ABST.dat where the actual transfer function has been stored. Then, lines 6-8 describe multiplication operations (two arguments).

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